Patterson Park Couple’s Portrait Session | Sarah and Brenton

How did I get so lucky to have so many friends, like these two, that are so supportive of me and my business?! Sarah and Brenton are just that, acting as cheerleaders for me and CKP since our paths crossed on nearly Day 1 of my time coaching at OTF. While we originally met under the orange lights, our friendship has stemmed far beyond sweating together for an hour at a time… and for that, I’m so grateful! From game nights to sending each other videos of September playing at every wedding to having Sarah along to act as second photographer at a number of CKP weddings, these two have become some of my dearest friends in Baltimore. Recently, Sarah and Brenton purchased a gorgeous Baltimore row home, and to celebrate, we got together for some fun fall portraits!

It was such a blast to finally get these two together in front of my camera! I’ve gotten to watch these two fall in love over the years that we have known each other, so it was a little extra sweet to celebrate such a huge accomplishment with them in such a special way!

Plus… they made the Patterson Park couple’s portrait session of my DREAMS a reality!

Ever since I had my Baltimore move on my radar, I’ve hoped to photograph a sweet couple in Patterson Park while stopping by to grab ice cream right across the street before the end of the session. With that though, I didn’t want it to be just any couple! I wanted it to be a couple that had this as part of their relationship… who had date nights in the park and traded ice cream flavor recommendations as they weaved through the paths filled with joggers and dog walkers. I hoped that the session could tell the story of a couple at some of their most relaxed moments, and with Brenton and Sarah, we did just that!

We started on the stoop of their new home, before moving on to explore the gorgeous fall colors that fall in Patterson Park had to offer in early November. Sarah and Brenton often walk through the park to grab ice cream at Bmore Licks after work and on their days off, so naturally, we had to make that our final stop before sunset! With ice cream in hand, they snuggled and giggled their way through the final minutes of our time together.

Not only are these two an absolute DREAM to have in front of the camera, but they made their Patterson Park couple’s portrait session an absolute blast.

At one point Brenton was literally turning cartwheels, we laughed a lot, and we had THE most glorious autumn golden hour…

but what made their session truly so special to me was seeing just how in love two of my dear friends are. It was so sweet to see the ways that these two bring out the best in each other, and it was such an honor to photograph such a special season for them!

Ya gotta see for yourself, so keep on scrolling to see just how lovely these two are!

That light though!

Ice cream time!

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