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Happy Wednesday, pals! I hope you are READY for a wedding Wednesday post! I wanted to keep today light and fun, sharing some of my absolute FAVORITE moments to witness as a wedding photographer on a wedding day!

As a wedding photographer, I have the honor and privilege of witnessing so many touching and intimate moments on a wedding day— I am truly so grateful for the responsibility of capturing so many memories for my amazing clients each and every day. Today specifically, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments that always seem to feel a little extra special. They have a little spark… a little extra wedding day magic. These are those extra-sweet moments that, more often than not, make me tear up a little bit. These are the moments where things really start feeling real on a wedding day, and the reactions and emotions typically make them some of the most memorable moments for me as a photographer. Ready for all the feels? Let’s go!


Putting on the dress + first look with the wedding party

As a bride steps into her dress for the first time, this is the moment that, suddenly, everything becomes really real! Wedding day is HERE, she is a bride, and SHE IS ABOUT TO SAY I DO! The moment following zipping into a wedding dress is often filled with tears and happy hugs by everyone involved. For those helping the bride into her dress, this is also the moment where everything starts to feel a little more real as well— their loved one is marrying the love of her life in just a few hours! I typically try to keep this moment as private as possible to help avoid overwhelm for the bride which makes the reactions of bridesmaids as they trickle on in to see the bride that much sweeter!

If a bride opts to share an official first look with her side of the wedding party, this always seems to be a favorite moment of mine too! The reactions, squealing, and tears are always the sweetest! Click here to learn more about sharing a first look with bridesmaids!

The First Look

If you’ve spent any amount of time around here, you may know that I’m a BIG fan of couples sharing first looks! There is nothing quite like allowing a couple to privately experience seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day! I love that each couple has their own individual reaction… some cry, some are shocked and excited, some giggle uncontrollably, some just embrace… some embody a combo of a little bit of everything… whatever it is, I love that this moment is able to be totally true to a couple! There is no right or wrong way to experience a first look! This moment is when a couple can truly embrace the fact that they are marrying each other in just a few hours, and they can share the moment without the pressure of hundreds of eyes on them. I also love that first looks often come with a huge sigh of relief— wedding days can be pretty nerve-racking without your partner by your side! From first look forward, you are able to spend your wedding day TOGETHER instead of waiting to be united at the altar.

Post-ceremony celebrations

Just after a couple is pronounced, typically they’ll walk down the aisle with the world’s biggest smiles on their faces… while I LOVE this moment, truly, my favorite post-ceremony moment is what happens just after! Once their wedding party recesses and family follows, typically all of those in the wedding gather for a moment, exchanging hugs, congratulations, and merriment! THEY REALLY DID IT! (and now it’s time to party!) I love the excitement and energy in this moment and always try my best to snap at least a photo or two.

So now… I would love to hear from you! What is YOUR favorite moment on a wedding day?! What is your favorite memory from your wedding day? I cannot wait to hear from you in the comments!

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