Mary and Mike | A Sunset Engagement Session at Penn State’s Old Main and Arboretum

One of my favorite things about my post-October workflow is getting caught up on BLOGGING! My month, for the most part, is spent shooting and editing and driving and emailing and making sure things are backed up, and IT IS A BLAST! But, my priority is always getting my clients’ images into their hands as efficiently as possible, which often means blogging sessions takes the back burner. I’m not going to lie… it may sound a little against industry standards, but I don’t even hate this pattern! My clients get their image galleries earlier, and I get to dive back into SO much pretty as soon as a quieter season hits! (I call that a win-win!)

Today, I get to share Mary and Mike’s gorgeous, fall engagement session with you! They’re both big Penn Staters, but their story actually didn’t begin at University Park! They met online after graduation, but as fate has it, Mike had been playing in the same golf league as Mary’s dad for a YEAR before they even connected. Being Penn Staters, it was only fitting that Mike ask Mary to spend forever with him at such an iconic spot on campus!

For months, Mary’s parents had been saying they wanted a picture of Old Main for their home. Once stay-at-home orders were lifted, Mary’s family found a perfect day to head to campus! The morning of, Mary was a little grumpy because her mom kept trying to convince her to dress up a little… why should she wear a dress when they would just be taking photos of Old Main?! Little did Mary know… her whole family was in on a BIG surprise that Mike had been planning for her! When they arrived at Old Main, Mary’s dad took a few photos of the iconic spot and then had Mary stand in front of the steps so he could grab a picture of her. All of a sudden, Mike was behind Mary (This was a total surprise!!), and her first thought was “I didn’t realize he had a work trip today!” She recovered from her shock just enough for Mike to ask Mary to marry him! I’m sure you can guess… but she said YES! Both Mary and Mike’s parents were there, so they all got to celebrate together!

Mike loves Mary’s thoughtfulness and Mary loves Mike’s kindness and unconditional support. Let me tell you… from being with these two for just a moment, you can truly tell that what they have is so very special. They’re easy-going people, relaxed, kind, and so much fun to be around. I just loved exploring Penn State’s campus with these two! We had THE most perfect fall day and got to hit two incredible spots! (Old Main and the Arboretum!) Just wait until you see how sweet these two look amongst all of the gorgeous central PA fall foliage!

I’m counting down to the next time I get to see these two— on their WEDDING DAY!!! These two are just the sweetest! Obsessed with this gorgeous fall light! We nearly had campus to ourselves! How gorgeous is Mary’s ring! Good work, Mike!! Talk about a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous place!! Something about fall in central PA! Can we talk about those gorgeous colors?! Mary… you are STUNNING!

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