Alayna and Andrew | A Sunrise Engagement Session in Cape May, New Jersey

August 20, 2020

Picking a header image for these two felt near impossible! When image after image is a favorite, how in the world do you pick one to put up there?! 👆🏼

These two are literal champions of flexibility! COVID had their engagement session postponed time and time again, and by the time their new session date rolled around, I noticed there was RAIN in the forecast. We had originally planned for a sunset session, and I was SO nervous to ask these two if they would be interested in swapping to a sunrise session (Which meant they would have to get up before 5AM while on vacation!!!), but Alayna didn’t skip a beat, said YES, and we proceeded to have the most MAGICAL morning in Cape May that I could have ever asked for. Think: sunrise on the beach, glowy light at Congress Hall, quaint blocks all to ourselves… it was amazing!

I originally met these two through Alayna’s mom! (Who I finally got to meet in person during their session!) She is an amazing artist (amongst other creative talents… I have to give her new book a plug!), and I commissioned her to paint a photo of our family dog that had passed a number of years ago for my parents for Christmas. (Click here for her shop… she’s the best!)She sent me an email one day a few years after she painted the most amazing photo of our pup, Minnie, that her daughter was getting married and that she would love if I could chat with her about wedding photography! I’m SO glad she connected me with Alayna, becasue if she isn’t one of the sweetest, considerate and most stunning brides to be! Her and Andrew’s wedding planning experience has been anything but easy, but I’m so delighted to call these two a CKP couple with the way they’ve handled everything with grace and patience.

When I said goodbye to these two on the morning of their engagement session, I expected to see them for their wedding in December! COVID had other plans though, and to keep more of the day outdoors, I’ll now get to celebrate with these two and their families in OCTOBER! Can you imagine moving your wedding planning up by a number of months?! Knowing these two, it’s nothing they can’t handle! (I’m counting down the seconds ’til their new date!)

Alayna and Andrew originally met online, but when they were on their first date, they realized their dads went to school together AND her dad went to Andrews’s parents’ wedding. What a small world! Alayna had her eye on a gorgeous ring for a while, and come one Christmas Day, she opened up a box that had an ornament inside, inscribed with what will be her future last name with a drawing of Alayna, Andrew, and their sweet pup and kitty. She looked up to find Andrew on one knee with THE exact ring she had been dreaming about!

Clearly, I could go on and on about these two, but I know you’re excited to see some dreamy beach photos! Shall we get started?!

Sunrise beach sessions may just be my favorite new thing! These are some of my favorites!!! Their vacation rental was THE cutest! We stopped by for a few snaps of them with the house they’ve been staying at on vacation for the last number of years! Not only is it a gorgeous spot, but I love the meaning of this place and memories Alayna and her family have shared here! Then we were off to Congress Hall and got to explore town a bit!

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