Penn State Graduation Sessions: Class of 2019

Edit: I’m so glad we’ve connected— Congrats on your graduation! I’m no longer local to State College. I occasionally offer Penn State grad sessions (be sure to follow me on social for the most up to date information!) and require all Penn State grad sessions to be reserved at least 4 weeks in advance. Thanks!

I feel like I’ve been editing at my computer nonstop since I got home on Wednesday, but it is for a good reason! This crew is graduating from Penn State this weekend, and if you didn’t ‘gram it, did it really happen?! I knew they all had to have at least a few photos to post throughout finals week & graduation weekend!

It was such an honor to have the chance to document these grads as they celebrate their final few days and weeks at Penn State. I cannot even believe that their sessions have come and gone already! This year was such a special year… not only did I get to photograph TWO of my cousins and a few sweet friends that I met back before they were even freshman at Penn State, but I got to meet so many new friends too. We had the absolute best weather… blue skies, a slightly cool breeze and plenty of warm sunshine. With that though, we also had about a hundred fellow grads around us taking photos too! Phew… y’all these sessions were one wild and amazing WHIRLWIND, but it was so much fun to be back in one of my favorite places, doing something that I love so much. There were many moments where I may or may not have had grads crouching behind pillars & sprinting across Old Main lawn for good light, but fortunately, they all were total rockstars and took every silly moment in stride.

Penn State people are some of the best people out there, I’m still convinced of that.

I found myself counting how long I’ve been doing Penn State Senior Sessions on my fingers as I drove out of State College late Wednesday night. SEVEN years, y’all! I think I counted that about 20 times before I really believed it myself… to have the opportunity to document that many lives is such a huge honor. I don’t think I even have the words to thank all of the people that have been in front of my camera on Old Main lawn.

Penn State graduation sessions were the thing that caused me to fall in love with running a business so many years ago, and they have been such a huge motivator ever since. I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people since my freshman year. It has been so meaningful to me to watch so many CKP Penn State grads figure out this whole post-grad adulting thing… start dream jobs, move to amazing places, get married, have babies, adopt children, buy houses, make friends in new places, move cross-country, meet the love of their life, graduate from post-grad programs with incredible degrees, change careers, travel the world… you name it. They’re doing it. I am so incredibly proud of the amazing people that have been in front of my camera, and I am so incredibly grateful that they have trusted me and have allowed my business to grow.

Because of all that, it is so bittersweet to let you know that this will be my final big Penn State graduation event. This week was the absolute BEST way to retire this part of my business. Of course, my brother will be graduating in the next few years, and if I am ever in State College and the timing works out, I would never turn down the opportunity to photograph a sweet grad… so this isn’t the end of ALL Penn State graduation sessions! (I promise!) In terms of organizing a big event? I wanted to go out with a bang after such an amazing few years, and this year was the absolute perfect way to tie things up. I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary at the end of my final session. I have so loved this season and am so looking forward to all that is to come.

Now… shall we dive into this year’s recap?! Let’s do it!


I can’t believe my cousin is graduating!!!


This makes me feel so old! Spencer is another one of my cousins!! Those four years went FAST.


We may or may not have slid Brian up on the stairs just before a group of about 40 people took over for a group shot. PHEW! Thankful this guy can pose quickly!

Erin and Kelsi

These best friends kept me smiling throughout their entire session!

Keir, Demi, Katie & Emily

One of my faves from this year!

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