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I just want to start this post off by saying I have been so incredibly up and down and back and forth about pressing publish. As a business owner and young professional, I don’t really love sharing my beliefs online…so today, I am not. Today, I simply let my inner, and somewhat retired, journalist flag hang high and had an amazing time capturing the faces and stories of the Women’s March on Washington. And now I am sharing the product with you.

I often forget that I live in DC. Like THE DC, as in our nation’s capital, just steps away from where history has been made and where many have walked before. I’m not the best with words…you all know that by now. But honestly, I don’t think I even have the words to begin to describe the magnitude of what I witnessed today. My knees are achy from walking and my eyes and brain are beyond exhausted. Today, I laughed at clever signs, ate a rice crispy treat while walking down the middle of a street on my daily commute, and was lucky enough to listen to personal stories of people from all walks of life. It was so crazy to witness a piece of history unfolding right before my very eyes, and I am excited to share some of the sights and stories with you tonight.

“I made the coat because I figured there were going to be a lot more protests. I’ll be down here for it, and it helps my friends find me in a crowd.”

“I’m 29 years old. Where does my life go from here? I have to be here. I have to do this.” –Laura Hernandez of Brooklyn (second from right) “Everyone here has a personal story….but their story is also my story.”–Romy Toussaint of Lawrenceville, NJ

“Women need to be able to control their own bodies.”–Angela of Maryland

“The message on my poster shows true leadership in contrast to the person who now occupies the White House.”–Susan Dunham of Bethesda, MD

“I am here because of everyone else’s reason to be here…I just want to support that. And I want to show her how women support women.”–Angel D. in reference to pictured daughter, Lyric “I am here for the rest of the world and the world and nation to see we’re more. I want to be seen and to be heard with other women.–Eva Mueller of Brooklyn

“I’m here for the DACA Kids. Their lives are in jeopardy right now. They’re in jeopardy of being sent back when they are not here by their choosing. They should be able to stay.”–Janet Estrella of Brooklyn, NY

“Tell us what you think is wrong with what we’re saying.”–Noelle Choy of Brooklyn

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