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Tips for the best places to shop for a Groomsmen Suit by Baltimore Photographer Cait Kramer
Last week, we chatted about all things bridesmaids dresses, and this week, suits and tuxes are on the menu! Groom and groomsmen style is just as important as those wearing dresses, so today, we’re going in on discussing all things suits and tuxes. Suits and tuxes speak a lot to the level of formality of your event, so it’s essential to choose the right pieces that match the vibe of your wedding. In this post, I’ll be breaking down how to style groom and groomsmen attire based on wedding vibe, trending style, coordination, where to source attire, and MORE!  SO… let’s do this!

Starting with the basics:

Importance of Groom Attire and Groomsmen Style

While historically, brides get a lot of attention in the wedding industry, groom and groomsmen’s attire is just as important! The groom’s suit is an essential part of the wedding design, and it should reflect his style and personality— it’s his day too! It’s important to choose a suit that fits well and is comfortable to wear all day. Groomsmen’s attire should complement or match the groom’s suit and match the overall wedding theme.

If you’re planning a casual beach wedding, for example, you may not want the groom and groomsmen to wear black tuxedos. Instead, opt for a lightweight, breathable suit in a light color like beige or light gray. For a black tie wedding, a black tux may be the perfect fit.

Overall, the suits/tuxes should speak to the vibe of the wedding day, yes, but the attire should also speak to the style and personality of the people getting married. It’s okay to think outside of the box and opt for fun lapels, colors, ties, OR go for something more classic. The most important thing is that the person wearing the suit or tux feels like themselves!

Groom Attire Inspiration for Various Wedding Vibes

When it comes to choosing the groom’s attire, there are SO many styles and vibes to consider. Feeling overwhelmed with all of the available options? I got you covered! Here are some groom suit inspiration ideas for various wedding vibes to help narrow down your search (We’ll dive more into specific trends and inspiration in just a moment!):

Classic Wedding

For a classic wedding, you can’t go wrong with a black, navy, or gray suit. A classic suit is timeless and will never go out of style. You can always add a pop of color with a tie or pocket square.

Beach Wedding

For a beach-y wedding, opt for a lightweight, breathable suit in a light color like beige, light gray, or blue. Linen suits offer a more relaxed look if that’s the vibe that you are hoping to create.

Black Tie Wedding

For a black tie wedding, you can’t go wrong with a tuxedo. There are various ways to customize a tux, so know that you aren’t locked into one cookie cutter look if you choose to go with this option. Play with the color (A white tux jacket is SUPER sharp), the type of lapel, and pieces that you will be incorporating (like cufflinks!) to express individuality and personality.

Modern Wedding

Keep in mind, you aren’t married to neutral tones (Think black, grey, navy) when it comes to suits or tuxes. For a modern wedding, you can choose a suit in a bold color like royal blue, burgundy, or deep emerald. You can also mix and match colors between the top and bottom— khaki pants with a light blue suit jacket would be gorgeous for a groom on a beach-y wedding day.

Ultimately?! Do what you want! This is your wedding day, and it’s okay to go outside of the box! 

Coordinating Groomsmen Style with Your Color Palette and Wedding Vibe

When it comes to finalizing the style of those who will be wearing a suit/tux, consider your wedding’s overall color palette and vibe. Are you having a beach-y wedding with a pink, gold, and white color palette? Consider suits that are both lighter in color and fabric weight. Similarly, if you are planning a gorgeous black tie affair for the fall with a monochromatic color palette, opting for black tuxes may be your best bet!

As you select suits/tuxes, keep your vision board close on hand to ensure the pieces will complement the overall vibe while still speaking to the wearer’s personality.

Where to Buy or Rent Groomsmen Attire Online

When it comes to buying or renting groomsmen attire, there are many options available. One Google search will bring up hundreds if not thousands of results… so where should you begin? A few of my favorite sites for renting attire are:

If you’re interested in purchasing a suit/tux, my go-to recommendation is Indochino! I’ve had lots of grooms and groomsmen purchase their custom suits, and the results are always incredibly sharp… plus, you get to choose the color/pattern of your jacket liner which is so much fun!

Just a friendly reminder… and speaking from hearing some horror stories: Whether you are renting or buying suits, make sure you order them well in advance to ensure the attire arrives on time.

Coordinating Suits with Dresses

If you’ll have folks in your wedding party wearing suits and dresses, the BEST rec that I can share is to choose a color palette and stick to it. Consider adding fun accessories (like ties or pocket squares) that speak to your wedding’s color palette and overall vibe for those wearing suits. If dresses are blush pink with pops of navy and grey throughout the rest of your design, you can have anyone in suits wear gray with blush pink ties or pocket squares.

Trending Inspiration to Spice Up a Suit

Suits don’t have to be boring… in fact, I think they should be fun and expressive! Looking for something fun to make those wearing suits feel a little extra special? These are some trending and classic upgrades that you could incorporate into your wedding design!

  • Floral or Patterned Ties: Ties don’t have to be solid in color! I have loved seeing more wedding parties incorporate floral or patterned ties for either just the groom or for all those wearing suits! The Tie Bar has many great options in all kinds of colors and patterns.
  • Floral Pocket Square/Pocket Square Boutonnière Instead of a Classic Boutonnière: As an alternative to boutonnières, I’ve seen wedding parties begin to incorporate floral pocket squares/boutonnières over the classic pinned bout. Click here to see what I’m talking about if this idea is new to you! Floral pocket squares are a great way to add a little more fun to the florals being incorporated into groom’s attire. Also… I personally find pinning boutonnières and folding pocket squares to be one of the hardest part of the getting ready process. This pretty option fixes BOTH of those problems!
  • Mixed Matching: Keep in mind, your wedding party doesn’t have to match… this includes those wearing suits or tuxes! You can always mix and match the colors incorporated into your wedding party’s overall look. Mix up the colors of ties or the design of boutonnières… choose a special suit color for the groom… add a special pocket square for the groom… the list goes on and on!
  • Shoes that Pop: I find that shoes can often be overlooked when it comes to styling suits and tuxes, but this can be a REALLY fun way to polish off any look. From loafers to a velvet finish, sneakers for the reception, and more… there are a ton of great ways to add a special pop to tie a look together while adding personality.

When it comes to choosing suits or tuxes, above all, have fun with it! While ensuring your picks coordinate with your wedding design and overall vibe is important, what is most important is ensuring the person wearing the suit feels comfortable and confident.

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