Elízabeth and Paulo | A Surprise Proposal in Alexandria, VA

Today’s blog post is nothing but sweetness, let me tell you! As a couple, Elízabeth and Paulo have such a warm presence. They are kind and caring, giggly and sweet… and now, they are ENGAGED!!!! I cannot WAIT to share more about their proposal because it was equal parts epic and hilarious!

But first… a little more about these two! They were actually in Virginia all the way from GUATEMALA! Elízabeth’s mom lives in Arlington, and she and Paulo were in for a visit. Paulo and Elízabeth first met on a church trip to a river back at home. Paulo saw something special in Elízabeth, so he decided to strike up a conversation. As you can see, they hit it off! Fast forward, and he’s getting down on one knee! These two are best friends and are absolutely meant to be by the other’s side.

The day of their proposal sure was one for the books! As I was prepping to leave for their session, placing all my charged batteries and clear memory cards in my bag for the session, my phone started pinging… and pinging… and pinging. The election results were IN, and folks in DC were celebrating! To be honest, I immediately started to panic because I was going to be driving from Baltimore TO Alexandria, taking me right around DC! I wasn’t sure how traffic was going to flow (or IF it was going to flow!). Fortunately, I left with plenty of time to arrive on time AND got to explore the area a little!

Alexandria, VA is one of Elízabeth’s favorite places, so Paulo was really excited to ask the question while they were amongst the cute and charming homes. In particular, he wanted to propose in front of one of Elízabeth’s favorite houses in town, the Spite House (an adorable, tiny blue house with SO much charm). I got into place, hiding in between two cars, watching tourists pull up and snap photos in front of the house. Right when Paulo texted me to let me know that they were about a block away, someone pulled up, parked, got out with some takeout, and went right into a house. My heart SANK! There was NO chance they would be back to move their car any time soon. The car was right in front of the place we had picked out for Paulo to propose! Fortunately, Paulo kept his cool. They looked a little at the house, as I tried to figure out how to find another hiding spot. Elízabeth’s back was to me, so this point, I was able to hop from behind the car to behind a house, pretending to “garden” in a little bed. (Thank goodness I was there early enough to make friends with the kind gentleman that lived there who gave me full permission to use his driveway if needed!) As Paulo, Elízabeth, and her mom walk by, and me and Elízabeth locked eyes! I was so hoping she didn’t see the camera and was honestly panicking a little… would she think something was up?! Fortunately, at the time, she just thought I was a weirdo! (We laughed really hard about this a little later!!!)

I trailed their group for a few blocks, and then Paulo found the perfect spot, got down on one knee, and PROPOSED! The look of surprise and JOY on Elízabeth’s face afterward was TOO sweet for words! We celebrated with some gorgeous portraits in some of Elízabeth’s favorite places. Ready to see a few of my favorite photos?!  IT’S HAPPENING!!!! SHE SAID YES! Elízabeth… your ring is GORGEOUS! Good work, Paulo! Showing Mom the new bling! (These moments are some of my favorites to photograph!) These two were SO excited to be engaged! I just love their joy! This is one of the first times these two have seen fall! Guatemala fall isn’t quite the same as it is in VA! SO glad we got some photos of these two with some gorgeous fall colors!

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