Jessie and Ryan | A Surprise Arlington, VA Proposal

I’m not sure if you remember… but a few weeks ago, I posted on stories that I was up to something super secret and would share a little later! Well… TODAY’S THAT DAY!!!

I always like to give clients a little time to celebrate and announce their big news (while sharing with family and friends!) after a big proposal happens before sharing myself. So… a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend the evening crouching behind cars, waiting to photograph these two to come out on their way to a “dinner reservation.”

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Jessie’s sister, Katie, asking if I would be available to be their surprise proposal photographer… she wanted to surprise her as her first engagement gift (After the ring, of course!). You better bet I was ALL over this idea… not only did I think this was the sweetest gift idea, but y’all already know that I love proposal photography! Originally, Ryan’s plan was to visit DC’s Wharf for their surprise proposal under the disguise of dinner reservations at a place that just opened with outdoor dining. BUT, just the DAY before their session, DC’s mask order changed! As Ryan and I planned his proposal to Jessie, I realized they would have to wear their masks during the proposal at the Wharf, which… let’s be honest… would be way less than ideal! We ended up deciding to do their proposal right on their front porch, and though it wasn’t what we originally planned, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

A few Fridays ago, I was crouched behind a car on the street with my longest lens, mask and all, as Jessie and Ryan’s neighbors (thankfully) played it cool and didn’t ask me why I was stalking their neighbor’s front steps. 😂 Fortunately, Ryan soon came out, dropped to one knee, and then called Jessie out their front door. After a moment of shock, Jessie screamed and ran to Ryan to give him the biggest hug, and of course, to say YES! (If anyone was wondering, their neighbors clapped and finally understood why I was creeping in the street!)

Ryan and Jessie met through mutual friends at Virginia Tech nearly 5 years ago! Ryan asked Jessie to be his WIFE on the steps of where they spent many, many months together (shoutout, COVID), and then they got to CELEBRATE this exciting new chapter with many of their closest friends and families. Katie, Jessie’s sister and the one that gifted her their surprise proposal photography, even flew in to surprise her sister for the occasion. I’m SO excited for you to see Jessie’s reaction (and her RING!). Shall we get started with a few of my favorites from their surprise proposal?!

This was just about where I started tearing up! Their sweet roommate came out to pop champagne for them! We were so afraid it would rain through the entire thing, but we got a little sun! (Thank goodness!!) Ok… but that RING though! Good work, Ryan! Love seeing these genuine smiles!

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