Lindsey and Zak | An Elegant Inspired Burgundy Wedding at Birkby House in Leesburg, VA

I wish I could pack these two into my pocket to carry around with me for the rest of time! Lindsey and Zak are just the sweetest of souls. They’re the kinds of people that just make you want to smile all of the time— they’re caring, they’re kind, and they are so, so perfect for each other. When they look at each other, you can really tell that they are the other’s very best friend.

I need to preface this post by saying that Lindsey and Zak had the two extremes of weather for their time with me! When I saw them for their engagement session back in the summer, it was a real feel of about 105 degrees… this weekend? It was FREEZING! While I was bundled up in my coat and tights and thick socks under boots, these two were hanging out in their wedding attire like it was ain’t no thang. These two are literally champs and no amount of craziness that Mother Nature threw at us was going to take away from their joy. (Y’all… I am also happy to report though that we DID in fact have sun!!)

This day was a long time coming… you see, these two have known each other since MIDDLE SCHOOL y’all. MIDDLE. SCHOOL. They reconnected back in college, and well… the rest was history! Lindsey and Zak’s family members and friends were so excited to celebrate them, their story and their genuine love for each other. It was the sweetest thing to witness and was such an honor to photograph! Lindsey and Zak planned an absolutely perfect day in Leesburg, VA at a venue that means so much to me as a photographer: Birkby House! (I shot my first DMV area wedding there in October of 2017, and it felt so sweet to be back!) Their day went off without a hitch, and now? These two are mini-mooning in Kitty Hawk, NC! Wishing them a million years of happiness and puppy snuggles!

Now… who’s ready to see a sneak from their stunning day?!

Ok… I am still so obsessed with this dress. There’s something so elegant and unique about its perfect simplicity!

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