Mary and Larry | A Surprise Proposal at Mary’s Rock in Shenandoah National Park, VA

Today’s blog post is one that brings me so much joy! These two… y’all they are ENGAGED! A few weeks ago, I hinted that I was working on a super top secret project in Shenandoah, and today, I am excited to share it with you! I was so honored to play a very small part in Larry’s plans to propose to his girlfriend, now fiancé, Mary, and I am just so excited for these two and all that is to come for them! 

Mary and Larry met in college at Mount St. Mary’s University. They were both part of the outdoor program, and soon camping trips and adventures outdoors turned into a 6 year long relationship with plans to spend forever together. Larry knew that he wanted his proposal to be outdoors, as that was where their relationship began. The two love travel and adventure, and when I heard more about what he was planning, I knew it was just perfect for them! His secret plans were just so thoughtful and so them. We worked through the logistics over email and a quick FaceTime call, and I could tell just how excited Larry was to ask Mary to be his wife!

So now… their proposal! Larry was originally planning to pop the big question at the overlook at Mary’s Rock in Shenandoah National Park. It is a gorgeous hike to an even more beautiful overlook point! I arrived about an hour early, and the rock was almost completely empty! I did a little happy dance and settled in to enjoy the view while I waited for Mary and Larry to reach the overview. Well… as I was sitting there, this MASSIVE group of hikers decided that they would set up a picnic lunch (and I don’t blame them! The view was gorgeous!!). BUT, I knew it wouldn’t exactly be the proposal that Larry was envisioning. (Y’all, they would have had an audience of about 30 people! Talk about crazy pressure.) I started frantically texting him to let him know about the situation at the top and let him know that, if he wanted to take the proposal elsewhere, that this was totally okay! When the two got up to the top Larry gave me the “Let’s move this somewhere else” nod, and they set off down the trail. I was trying my best to play it cool while following just far enough behind them to not be totally obvious.  I had about 25 pounds of camera gear strapped to my back and was prepared for Larry to drop down on his knee at any possible second. I definitely looked like a crazy lady. They soon pulled off to a private overlook where Larry got down on one knee. It was the most perfect proposal with the most beautiful view of the entire valley. It was private and beautiful and so true to them. The quick change of plans made for an even sweeter proposal (and a really funny story!). These two love outdoor adventure, so it is only fitting that their proposal literally WAS an outdoor adventure. I feel so incredibly lucky to have met these two and to have witnessed such a sweet moment in their lives. What an incredible blessing!

That moment above? That was the moment Larry let Mary know that he asked her family for permission before asking her to be his wife! This guy thought of everything–look at Mary’s expression of pure JOY!! 

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