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Y’all this post has been in my queue for quite some time, and I just can’t wait to share it with you! (Mostly because I hope it makes you laugh as hard as it made ME laugh making it) Savannah and I went to Charleston in December, and we pretty much had way too much fun! I’ve been slowly filtering out some of the pretty with you via Instagram, but the behind the scenes stuff has yet to see the light of day! I was sitting in Starbucks, going through our gallery and was actually laughing out loud, so much so that I started getting some weird looks. Whoops…

Savannah and I had way too much fun touring and exploring and dreaming about our upcoming year all while taking about three million photos. We sipped on margaritas, commiserated on our least favorite wedding songs and walked a total of about 20 miles throughout the weekend. We also curated quite the lengthly blooper stash. I don’t know how this girl puts up with me, especially when I’m in front of the camera!!

I’m planning on doing a more comprehensive recap of our visit, including where we stayed, where we ate, what we did & all of the pretty details in between, but I thought the blooper reel was just a little more fun! So without further ado… some of our greatest behind the scenes photos, mixed in with some of the pretty that Charleston has to offer!

I was so immediately blown away by all of the gorgeous architecture and greenery in Charleston! Keep in mind, these photos were taken mid December. I can only dream of how lush this town is in the spring!

Seriously…I was REALLY impressed with everything I saw. Here, you can see me the exact moment I realized the shutters across the tree had palm trees on them. You can bet that I pretty much looked exactly like this for 48 hours straight, and poor Savannah had to deal with me in public.

I packed my bags in about 15 minutes the night before we hit the road and seemed to forget that there was a chance that it could actually be COLD in Charleston. After all, it WAS December… I would say that it was chillier more so than it was cold, so luckily, I was able to make do with what I threw in my bag! Not so lucky for me, what I threw in my bag didn’t exactly mesh too well together.

I call this next section the “I now really wish I brought a cuter coat and some warmer leggings” section. Because…really? Your girl had questionable fashion choices at best all weekend long. (Shoutout Costco Pants… more on these guys later.)

I think I could photograph this town all day long….

And was clearly very impressed with just about everything… even the water bottle filling stations at the College of Charleston.

We had plenty of time to take head shots and took full advantage of the gorgeous streets! We couldn’t help but pause every 5 seconds…. to check our camera settings, pull up our pants, to giggle into the street & to stand in the way of traffic.

On Saturday, we did a little bit of work over tacos and guac. If you find yourself in Charleston, be sure to make Minero a priority! PLEASE have one of their cauliflower tacos for me–I think I am going to be dreaming about them forever! After a long morning of walking, I was clearly SO happy to put some food in my belly!

Plenty of caffeine was consumed during our business branding session…we shot these in the courtyard just outside of our hotel, and to say we got some of the strangest looks from other guests would be a huge understatement! Whoops!

Refresher drinking is SERIOUS business, y’all.

We were lucky enough to work with the sweetest local couple, Amanda & Wes! They showed us around town, snuggled in front of our cameras and were such a dream to work with!

But…uhhh Caity… your couple is getting away!!

This is how you can usually expect to find me during a session: Eyes up, looking for the sun, with as many bags as I can possibly carry in my arms. I never realized how silly I look until I saw these!

We tried our best to fit in with the locals…. and I’m pretty sure the entire city of Charleston was ready for us to leave by Sunday!

Sunday morning started looking a whole lot like this at the William Aiken House…. more head shots!

Y’all there is a reason I am a photographer and not a model… I think these say it all. Poor Savannah had to make me look like a normal human in front of the camera allllll weekend long.

Don’t worry, we also got some good ones too!

We then went straight to Magnolia Plantation where we promptly made best friends  with all the animals at the petting zoo…

“Oh no please don’t steal my camera!!!!”

*Just moments before he head butted Savannah*

Ok, y’all…now that you’ve met our animal friends, I would officially like to introduce you all to my Costco Pants. They’re the comfiest pair of pants I own, are actually long enough for me (#TallGirlProbz), and are the perfect pants to lounge around in…. in fact, I am wearing them as I draft this very blog post. Little known fact about my Costco Pants? They are quite possibly the WORST pants to wear to Magnolia and were also the only thing in my bag that I could throw on to keep my bare legs warm in the 40 degree weather! Spoiler alert: mud & gravel & loose pants do not mix well!

If you ever find yourself in Charleston, I so recommend making the trip out to Magnolia Plantation! It was absolutely gorgeous.

Clearly, I fit right in with all the pretty…. luckily we got ONE good one!

Ok… I think it is about time we start to wrap this up. If you need me, I’ll just be over here pretending to be a butterfly in my flow-y skirt…

If you’ve made it this far, thank you, friend! I hope you enjoyed, got a laugh and maybe feel a little better about yourself! For real though, I am so incredibly thankful for that goofy face-making lady right there on the left! Savannah planned the best weekend for us, searched high and low for all of the greatest spots, and put up with me the entire time we were there! We planned & dreamed & set our content libraries up with so much pretty. I am so incredibly thankful for Savannah & her friendship!

Select images taken by Savannah Smith Photography & edited by me.

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