Welcome to the All NEW CKP Family, Maternity and Newborn Experience!

I’m SO excited to share that my lifestyle family and newborn collections are officially HERE! For years, I have said that newborn and family photography would never be something that I offered… there were other people that understood families better… I mean after all, I don’t have kids myself! How on EARTH was I supposed understand what parents and kiddos experience as they prep for their sessions?! Someone else, with kids, has to be better for the job.

And then my sister told me she was pregnant. 

Not only was she pregnant, but she wanted me to take her daughter’s newborn photos AND all of her maternity photos. If only you could have seen my simultaneous joy and panic as our world flipped upside down in the best possible way. She wanted ME to photograph such a special season for her family… and more than that, I realized that I wanted to… I was excited and honored to! With their daughter on the way, I set to work doing everything I could to learn more about babies, expecting and postpartum mamas, family posing, and more.
* Insert days of research, educational courses, and mentoring sessions *
And suddenly… I realized that I was obsessed. I mean outside of adorable, scrunchy newborn toes and peach fuzz skin being so much fun to photograph, I had an amazing opportunity to help families preserve their legacy beyond the special wedding days that I was already photographing. I could play a very small part in helping families remember such sweet, and fleeting, seasons… and I could make it an easy, purposeful, AND beautiful experience for them.
And so… my lifestyle maternity, newborn, and family experiences were born.
It can be scary to integrate something new into your business… especially a whole new SIDE of your business… but I’ve never been more confident in a next step. The support that I have received from friends, family, and past CKP Couples has been absolutely incredible and truly means the world. It’s because of their love and support… and my love for documenting everything that makes their families so unique… that I am SO confident in everything that is to come in this new season for CKP!
There is SO much fun to come, but before we get to all of the details, what does this mean for the rest of CKP?! To answer any questions, yes, I will still be photographing weddings and grads! Nothing is changing with that side of my business. That said, with this launch, I will slowly be phasing out the brand photography side of my business. Saying those words may just be the scariest part of this launch!
I love and am so grateful for each and every brand that I have gotten to serve with my brand photography, but I have found that my heart is happiest when I am helping individuals and families preserve their legacy though thoughtful portraiture and wedding photography.
With all of that being said, I am SO excited for this next chapter filled with tiny toes, sticky fingers, silly songs, and loving on families with all I’ve got! I’m slowly but surely refining my workflow, client guide experience, client closet, and more. I’m giddy thinking about all of the potential ways there are to serve families in the Baltimore and DC region!
Now… get excited because it is TIME:
You can also explore my Baltimore Newborn Photography collections here!

Ready to learn more about each family and newborn experience that I offer?!

(PS for friends reading this in the future, these offerings were published on August 30, 2023! For my most up to date collections, please click here!)

Now if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, I do have just one more little thing up my sleeve!

I am so excited, y’all! If you have made it this far, know just how much your support means to me! Cheers to exciting new chapters for CKP and the families that I am lucky enough to serve!
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