... hot tea in hand and a podcast on blast in the background. 

I'm Cait, though you can call me Caity! I am passionate about celebrating love and the smallest of details. I’m a Southern girl at heart, Texan to be specific. You can bet that I stay true to my roots by searching for the best TexMex in town. (Please... drop me a line if you've found the spot!) I thrive on quality time spent with others, giggles that turn into belly laughs, and closing all of my activity rings on my watch. (It's the little things, right?)

I currently call Washington, D.C. home where I live with a small family of house plants and a beautiful view of the city! I love traveling and regularly serve clients in DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania & Delaware.

When I'm not working with sweet couples or small business bosses, you can usually find me touring town on foot—there's no better way to beat traffic; teaching a group fitness class; or snuggled up on the couch with a mug of tea.

I consider it to be a true privilege to be walking alongside you during such a sweet season of life. I want you to know that when we work together, my goal is to create more than just pretty photos. Together, we are creating memories. We're documenting your story. Shouldn't that experience be... Fun? Memorable? Easy? When we decide to take on the journey of capturing your wedding day, I’ll be right there to help you along the way, camera, smile, and cheesy dance moves in tow. 

Nothing excites me more than working with couples who are more excited about their life together after the day they say, “I do.” The couples I work best with value the small details, but truly thrive on how their images will tell their story to the next generation. To me, there is no greater honor than having the opportunity to share your story with the world and with your family— present and future.

I so look forward to learning more about you and your story, friend! Drop me a note or follow me on the Internet. I think we are going to get along just fine! Keep on reading to learn a little more about what makes me, me! 

I spend most days in leggings with a messy bun on top of my head...


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these are a few of my favorite things

My Support System

They are my biggest role models, influences and supporters. I am so thankful to have a family that loves me so well. I'm the middle child of three and can't go more than a day without calling my mom to fill her in on the latest in my life. We grew up in Houston, TX, and even though my brother, sister and I live all up and down the East Coast now, we still think of Texas as home! My parent's crazy black lab, Sophie keeps us laughing every day. I like to think of her as my own dog... even though she lives halfway across the country in Texas!

I live life in leggings...

because I'm always in and out of teaching a group fitness class! Encouraging others to live a healthier life through fitness is something I hold close to my heart. While I spend many of my days working with sweet brides and pretty things, I also spend a lot of my time wearing sweaty spandex and a Britney Spears mic while encouraging classes over upbeat remixes. 

Catch me shopping at

No... this isn't sponsored! (But Trader's... if you want to make it happen, this girl wouldn't be opposed.). Trader's is simply my absolute favorite place to shop! There is something about their friendly staff and garlic salt that keeps me coming back! I'm thankful to have a store right in my neighborhood, and definitely know that if I ever move, I'll have to plan my next home around the nearest Trader Joe's! I spend most of my trips racing around, hoping to find a stash of their seasonal candles— they're the best!

my Hydro flask is always on hand

When you see me, you should know that this giant water bottle is usually no more than five feet away from me at any given time! My Hydro Flask goes everywhere with me! On wedding days, days in the office, and sweaty days at the studio, you can always expect to find my giant 40 ounce water bottle within easy reaching distance. A few years ago, I set a goal to drink more water, and then it just kind of stuck! Now, I can't go anywhere without it!

The next time You're in town...

Visit the US Botanic Garden! It is my absolute favorite landmark in D.C.! Yes... even over all of the monuments and memorials! By now, you probably already know that I really love plants! The US Botanic Garden is literally a giant greenhouse filled with all different kinds of plants and gardens. I got to tour the space with my mom (she is definitely the reason I love plants so much!), and we just about were ready to move in! You can find the garden on the mall just outside of the Capitol building. I highly recommend making a visit the next time you're in town!

A girl with a list

I have a little bit of an obsession when it comes to notebooks and planners... what can I say? There is nothing more satisfying than checking a to-do item off of my list! I seem to have a different notebook for almost everything, and I can't live without my pen and paper planner! It may be a little old fashioned, but this girl lives for good-old paper and pen note-taking and to-do lists! There's just something that I love about putting pen to paper!

Dear old State

I come from a big family of Penn Staters. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Visual Journalism and a minor in business in May of 2016. I met some of my very best friends at Penn State and still look back on my four years there as some of my favorite years of my life! You can bet that I'm cheering the Nittany Lions on each Saturday in the fall from afar! We Are!

I already know we'll be friends!

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