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When I picked up my very first camera at age 16, I had no idea what an incredible adventure I was about to begin. It sounds cliche... but it is true. I've met my very best friends and made some of my most treasured memories thanks to this crazy dream of mine.

I want you to know that I know how scary it can be to dive right in... to chase your dreams fearlessly. Just a little reminder: You are doing great things, friend. And I am so incredibly proud of you! I have been blessed to be mentored by some of the kindest souls in the industry, and I am so excited to give something back to the community I love so dearly.

Keep an eye on this page for more fun (and free!) educational resources coming soon! I am so excited to walk hand in hand with you through your photography journey! 

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Custom Branding Sessions

Because your story deserves to be
told too

Your story matters. As photographers, so often do we tell the stories of others. But, how often do we allow our own stories to be told? I truly believe that it is so important to share our own stories too. You should be part of your brand, every step of the way. From your social media squares to the header on your website, custom and quality imagery matters.

I've fallen in love with encouraging other photographers to share their stories through custom portraiture. My custom headshot packages include brand discovery and pre-planning. We'll meet at a location of your choosing on your session date and will have a blast creating images for you to use within your branding! When all is said and done, you'll receive a gallery of your images online and will have plenty of fun content to share with your audience! 

Custom branding and head shot sessions for photographers begin at $400.
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