Write Liz Write | A Custom Calligrapher Brand Session at A Wedding Loft in Leesburg, VA

HAPPY FRIDAY, Y’ALL! Oh goodness, am I excited to share Liz’s brand session with you. I’ve been sitting on these images for a while, and today is the day that I get to share THE most amazing calligrapher and custom hand-letterer with you! (Seriously… you’ve got to check out her work! She’s AMAZING!) She’s one of my talented DC-based friends who I was I was lucky enough to meet through the DC/Alexandria chapter of Tuesdays Together.

We spent a few weeks dreaming up and planning what turned out to be some of the most fun and fast-paced four hours I’ve had in a while! I could go on and on about how much heart, soul, and time Liz poured into our time together… she’s in an incredibly busy wedding season and somehow managed to organize, pack, and provide pretty much a U-Haul of her gorgeous work. I’m still not sure how she managed to organize everything that she did, but I’m so appreciative because her hard work truly allowed us to add so much depth to her session. We had SO many things available to communicate so many different aspects of her business. From behind the scenes in the office, to booking clients, completing projects, and maybe a little sneak previews at a few exciting projects in the works (more to come on this soon!), we covered some SERIOUS ground.

I’m constantly in awe of makers and artists that are able to create beautiful things on blank canvases, and this is Liz’s absolute JAM. She is known for her hand-lettering talents, creating custom pieces to add visual clarity to wedding days. She loves creating intentional pieces to help guide, simplify, and enhance the guest experience at weddings, and when I say her work is beautiful, I’m not kidding! I could go on and on about her immense talent, but I think her work speaks for itself… Whatta you say we recap our time together?!

A special thank you to A Wedding Loft for sharing their studio space! What an AMAZING spot in Leesburg! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t visited them yet!

To connect with Liz, find her at the links below:

Online | Instagram | Facebook

It is so cool to see how Liz takes an idea and sketch to a full-blown masterpiece! Liz maps everything out to the T and then breaks out her rulers and measurement tools! It takes a little math, but her precision really helps make her final products all the more incredible!  Unique place cards are one of her favorites!  Which CKP Couple wants to hire Liz to paint a custom wedding jean jacket?! I’m obsessed!!  This banner just about blew my mind! Liz… you AND your work are stunning!  Liz has a love of sustainability and personal touches! How fun and purposeful is her recycled packaging?!  Write Liz Write was originally a super cool personal project that Liz worked her way through! Over the course of 100 days, she lettered and illustrated some really amazing pieces that she shared on IG! She brought along the whole portfilio… It was SO much fun to dig through her work! We hung a few pieces up to pay tribute to her origin story! When you used to work for a vaccine institute… you toss ALL the confetti to celebrate being fully vaccinated! 

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