Joanna | A Military Spouse Writer + Coffee Inspired Brand Session

I’ll admit… I’ve been *Insert a Jean-Ralphio the wooooorst here* about blogging sessions during this busy season!

Edits and coaching classes and working with clients in-person have primarily been filling my time, and it has been THE BEST! Today though, I wanted to start making strides in catching up on SO much goodness that I have in the queue to share with you! I’ve gotten to work with so many amazing souls over the last number of weeks and each of them deserves to have their time to shine in this space, so first up, I am beyond excited to share the sweet and incredibly talented Joanna of Jo, My Gosh!

She is a military spouse writer with an incredible platform designed to unify, encourage, and support military spouses through all of the ups and downs military life can bring. Though military life is behind her and her husband now, Joanna shares all of the knowledge she gained during that season and beyond through her blog Jo, My Gosh. Jo, My Gosh is one of the largest military spouse blogs and covers topics for military spouses and significant others like deployment, PCSing, discounts, long distance relationships, and care packages.

Beyond that though, she and her husband are small business owners! They own a really awesome local coffee store (with two locations in Annville and Jonestown, PA!) called Swatara Coffee. The Annville location was our starting location for Joanna’s brand session!

Back when I launched brand sessions in February 2020, Joanna’s story, drive, heart and passion caught my eye, and she actually won the brand session experience with me! Just days after we started planning her experience, COVID hit, and well, I think the rest goes without saying. We pushed off her experience off a year for safety, but the wait only made things more fun! We had an amazing time together and coordinated a safe, outdoor session for part one of her experience with me. You’ll get to see more from this gal later this year! We’re going to be working through TWO content and branding sessions for her.

Joanna is the sister of one of my sweet 2019 brides, Becky, and it was so much fun to catch up with these two after such a crazy year. I can’t thank both of them enough for such a fun afternoon together!

To connect with Joanna, follow along below:

Website | Instagram | Pinterest | Coffee

This is a box of the letters and photo albums Joanna sent her husband while he was deployed overseas! How cool is that?! Gotta get something to share all about care packages!  We adventured around Annville for some fun, lifestyle headshots for Joanna! We finished her session with her husband, John and sweet pup, Albus!

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  1. […] I’ve had the JOY of working with Joanna of Jo, My Gosh over the last year+. Way back when I launched my brand collections (In February of 2020!), Joanna’s heart for serving the military community, her drive, and her passion caught my eye. She won the brand session experience with me, and just days after we started planning COVID hit. We may have had to push things back a little, but over the last year, we have been working through her two content production sessions, dreaming big and diving into all the things that matter most to her. To take a peek at Part 1 of her brand session experience, click here! […]

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