Kurrinn and Mikey | An Adventurous Sunset Engagement Session in Great Falls, VA

May 3, 2021

I don’t know if I’ve ever met two kinder souls… Kurrinn and Mikey are the type of people that make you feel at home right away. I’ve been looking forward to their engagement session for a while now, and when we met up in the parking lot of Great Falls, I knew right away that we were in for an AMAZING evening. The weather was mild, the sun was shining, and SO much was in bloom! These two are amazing encouragers and are the BEST at navigating bumpy terrain— when I say we hiked and scaled through crazy rocks, I’m not kidding! These two love hiking and had so much fun doing so during their session— they really encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone when it came to finding THE best locations in Great Falls, and I’m so glad they did! I had no idea these locations even existed in VA, and they were EPIC!

Now… a little more about these two:

Kurrinn knew Mikey was special when, while she was on her way to meet him for their first date, he called and asked if she wanted anything from Starbucks. Starbucks is Kurrinn’s favorite place, the key to making her heart, and instantly, she was sold! These two shared their first date at an outdoor movie and spent the remainder of the night at a restaurant on the water in DC, talking about a little bit of everything. They shared their second date a week later (On Mikey’s birthday!), where Kurrinn met so many of the people closest to Mikey, and they became an official couple the next day!

Mikey is working on his master’s degree right now, and Kurrinn thought they wouldn’t be getting engaged until after he finished his degree. He totally surprised Kurrinn in the best way though! He had a few of their best friends in on the plan, helping with picking the perfect ring, decor, and hiding out to take pictures and video of the moment! Kurrinn absolutely loves Disney— that’s important! These two went out for dinner for their anniversary at the restaurant where they shared their first date, and when they got back, they were welcomed home to a scene that looked like Kurrinn’s favorite Disney movie, Tangled. (Think: illuminated lanterns, tangled flowers, Tangled soundtrack… all of it!) Kurrinn thought this was just something fun for their anniversary until she saw Mikey grab the ring box! Mikey was so nervous he left his sunglasses on inside, but he had no reason to be— Kurrinn said YES, and you could say the rest is history!

Mikey loves Kurrinn’s kindness and calming presence. She makes him feel at home and is incredibly supportive. Kurrinn loves Mikey’s sense of humor… he’s one of the funniest and sassiest people she’s ever met. He is always trying to make her smile, and his kindness, generosity, and care for other people are truly special.

I met these two at Laurian and Chris‘s wedding back in August, where we started dreaming about this very session! It was so special to see their session come to life after a few months of planning! I’ll admit… I was a little nervous for their session— but not for the reason you may think! I was scheduled to get my second dose of the vaccine about 9 hours before their session and knew I was racing the clock until my side effects hit. These two couldn’t have been more kind or understanding, checking in on me a number of times during their own engagement session to make sure I was hanging in there! I actually felt more than fine for their entire session with my side effects hitting 12 hours to the dot as I ate dinner in my car after we wrapped. I was so grateful my side effects held off because PHEW I’m not sure I would have held up with scaling rocks! (Worth every second though! So, so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to receive the vaccine!).

Now… are you ready to see some sneaks from my time with Kurrinn and Mikey?! These two are just THE best!

Their sweet boy, Ammo was SOO good during their session! These two are just the best! GAH Kurrinn… you are just SO stunning! If you are considering bringing your pup to your engagement session, do it! Ok but these VIEWS though!!!  I mean… talk about EPIC! Kurrinn loves Starbucks, so we knew it had to be involved somehow! We scouted out the cutest storefront close to Great Falls for a few shots to wrap up our time together!

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