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This is a topic that I am SOOO excited about because I think it will benefit SO many people— most specifically, my brand clients + fellow brand photographers! Today, I wanted to start dishing on a few different topics that both pertain to finding the perfect spot for your brand session location(s): first, what to look for in your space as you search (This post!), and second, where to search (Coming next week!)… with a bonus third post in a few weeks!

It can be incredibly daunting to start searching for THE perfect spot for your brand session, so I wanted to offer up a few quick tips and tricks to help simplify your search + to start guiding you towards a spot that will really help us tell the story of your brand.

All of my brand clients are responsible for booking their own brand session location. Overall, I recommend we find an amazing indoor location that will cater to helping us tell a number of the concepts and storylines we have mutually planned to work through! I recommend indoor locations because most frequently, that makes the most sense for the concepts we’re working through + it helps in the case of poor weather! That said, there are some exceptions to this suggestion, but I’m better able to recommend an indoor or outdoor location on an individual brand basis!

Though I’m more than happy to walk my clients through a few of my favorite specifically sourced spots or will review videos of specific spaces to offer recommendations as to whether or not I think a spot will work, at the end of the day, finalizing a location is the responsibility of my client!

So… when it comes to picking THE spot where we’ll work together, what do I recommend you look for?

3 Things Each Space Should Have:

Clean, even light

When it comes to my brand photography style, I looooove me some natural light! Look for big windows, open spaces + plenty of natural light! To be honest, I can make pretty almost any spot work for us, as long as the light is amazing, so when in doubt, make looking for a light and bright spot your priority.

Open space

We’ll need plenty of space to work. I know SO many brands have a huge goal of curating imagery with negative space for text and headers for use on the web and in their advertising! In order to do this, we need the space to make it happen! Look for spaces with enough room to comfortably host a number of people— think 5-10 at a minimum. No, we won’t have 5-10 people at your brand session… unless you have a team! That said, I need ample space to move around to utilize the space to compose images! I am dying to compose those gorgeous images with the negative space you’ve been dreaming of but can only do so if I have the physical space! If you opt for a cramped or cluttered space, more often than not, images will feel a little closer cropped to minimize distractions and to make sure you are truly shining!

Space that feels like your own

Your brand session location should FEEL like yours… even more than that, it should work to inform your ideal client about you! Whether we are working in your own space or a rented/curated space, the location should serve to inform your client about you AND your brand. You should personally feel inspired by the space, but in addition, your ideal client should also feel inspired by the space! They say location, location, location in real estate, and honestly, the same phrase applies to brand photography, just in a slightly different way. Location matters a lot, so before officially committing to a space, ask yourself what the location says about your brand! Even better, ask a friend that falls in your ideal client category what they think the location says about your brand!

Keep in mind, I design all brand sessions to help inform your ideal client about YOU! So… your space should work to inform and inspire your client when it comes to your brand!

Bonus: neutral or brand inspired walls

We’re about to get REAL nitpicky, y’all! When it comes to most brand photography, I definitely recommend seeking out a space with neutral-toned walls. (Think: white, cream, grey, light tan, etc.) That said, consider the neutral of your brand! Some brands stick to whites + greys… others love more of a creamy off-white + tan color! Look at the literal paint on the walls and make sure you will be happy with this when all is said and done— I won’t be able to change this in post! Warmer tones in the walls will result in a warmer feel in your images, and cooler tones in the walls often result in a cooler feel! Consider the neutral tones you have in your own brand color palette and source spots that have a neutral tone that will coordinate with your brand.

All that being said, there is no shame in sourcing a little bit of color for your brand session! If you have a bright and colorful brand, it is A-OKAY to source spots with bold colors! Let’s make sure the space also includes lots of natural light to help balance out any crazy color casts or shadows.

Now… where do you find these spots?! Tune in next week for part 2!

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