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February 18, 2021

Oh fam, am I EXCITED today… I get to share something with you that has CHANGED THE GAME for me!

We have all come to know and either love, hate, or love to hate Instagram Reels. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are here to stay, and at the time of posting this blog, they are KEY to generating organic reach + engagement on Instagram.

Reels, Tiktok, and short-form video are sure to change the marketing landscape and how content is generated, shared, and consumed for the foreseeable future, so though they may be a little bit of a pain to produce, I’m choosing to have FUN with Reel content. I’m doing it in my own way, and I’m learning with each step and each post.

While I do have a huge hope of reaching and connecting with new online friends, my current focus and intention is geared towards serving the followers that I DO have well. Reels DON’T have to go viral to be successful. Repeat that with me: your Reels don’t have to go viral to be successful. Simply serving your current audience well is more than enough, and then, if your Reels DO start to generate more organic reach? GREAT! What an incredible bonus!!

When I first started brainstorming and sharing Reels, I realized that the types that I was hoping to produce and share involved a little more planning and brainstorming. As I would edit clips together, I realized after I filmed that I forgot one piece or another… whether it be a clip for the body of the Reel, a call to action for the end, the intro, or something else. I wanted to get more intentional about the time I spent planning and filming IG Reels, so I did what I do best… I created a planning checklist and started implementing it for EVERY single Reel I produce.

Let me tell you… it made life SO much easier. In fact, it made life so much easier for me that I realized I can’t possibly keep this all to myself! Friend, you can get your hands on these very sheets FOR FREE… today!!! If you find yourself:

  • Procrastinating creating your first Reel because it feels too daunting
  • Feeling overwhelmed during the creation process
  • Missing KEY points and messaging during the planning process
  • Forgetting to film certain frames during filming until it is too late

This resource is for YOU! 

Inside your free download, I  share:

  • My pre-planning, production, and publication checklists to ensure everything gets done
  • Topic, audio, and timing planning to ensure your Reel is easy to produce
  • Shot list and caption organization because going into filming with a PLAN makes life so much easier
  • Notes, caption, and hashtag details because these are HUGE pieces of the puzzle that shouldn’t be overlooked

Right now, these sheets allow me to film a few week’s worth of Reel content in just one afternoon! I simply print a sheet for each piece I know I’ll be creating, braindump all my ideas, and then keep them right by my side as I film! It has been such a game-changer, and I hope it helps change the game for you!

What are you waiting for, friend?! Get your hands on your Reel planning sheets HERE!

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