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Happy Friday, friend! Just wanted to pop in to say hello! This time of year, I’m ALLLLL about the content planning. I love looking ahead and making a map for all the things I want to do in the coming year. While it can feel pretty daunting, I am LOVING the system I am using this year and feel super hopeful about 2021 already. (I mean… anything has to be better than this year, right?) I’m planning blog content, social media content, production days, and more! The best part? Everything is totally flexible! It feels so good to have a road map for the year ahead that can pivot and change as needed. (Hoping to share more on all this soon!)

Now… the point of all this today?! When it comes to sharing about what you love to do, your business, or your goals, guess what?! YOU are a huge part of that equation. Showing who you are as a person is key which means… you definitely HAVE to show up in your online content! From your website to social, email newsletter, and more, be sure to incorporate your cute face all over the place!

Yes, this means getting yourself in front of the camera! 

Sure, this may feel scary at first, BUT, I promise it gets easier over time! In fact, over time, it may even become FUN! With a proper plan and intentional time in front of the camera, you can easily begin infuse who you are as a business owner in combination with strong content to help boost your brand AND share your story.

Today, I wanted to share THREE ways that you can begin to show up in your online content. You got this, friend! I hope these tips and tricks begin to inspire you to let your personality shine on camera!

DIY it, baby!

Yes, you can do this yourself! I’ve done it before, and though it takes a little longer, I was able to craft custom images all on my own using a tripod, remote trigger, and some good light at home! I actually have a free download which includes my entire setup (and some other helpful tips and tricks when it comes to personal marketing). Click here to get your hands on it!

Train a friend or family member

If doing it yourself feels just a little too scary, train a family member or friend to help you out! If you’re a photographer like me, dial in those settings, and then instruct your friend or family member on how to frame the shot while you take care of the ideas and posing. I did this the other day with my sister, and we had SO much fun!

Hire a brand photographer (that’s me!)

Ok let’s be honest… If these things all sound super intimidating or maybe you need a little guidance when it comes to WHAT shots you’ll need or how to communicate a certain concept, I know a girl that can help! (That’s me!) Consider booking a brand session. I KNOW it can be scary to invest in your business, but this is an investment that will truly help you see a return over time.

Now… more on brand sessions! Brand sessions are a GREAT way to capture meaningful pieces of content that communicate and support stories and messages within your business. These images captured are more than pretty headshots (Though those are important too!). They are purposeful images, designed to help you share impactful messages within your business. I love helping my brand clients dream and plan their sessions well before I even pick up a camera.

Want to learn more? Click here to inquire about branding sessions!

Bonus: Use your phone + some good light!

Now… as a bonus, if you feel like you need to have a big fancy camera for the first two on this list, I’m really excited to bust that myth for you! You can STILL do this! I truly believe that the BEST  camera is the one you have with you. (Cheesy, I know… hang with me!) Technology has advanced SO much to the point where I can nearly guarantee that you can produce some gorgeous images with that phone of yours! Grab your phone and look for even light. Have someone help you out or use the self-timer option with your phone propped up on something.

I love lightly editing my phone in the app Lightroom Mobile! You can easily crop, straighten, and adjust the exposure and colors of images. I don’t use any fancy presets in my lightroom Mobile app either. I simply just adjust the exposure, contrast, color sliders until I’m happy with the photo!

Most of all, however you are producing your content, have fun, and let your heart shine! Your current and future clients are excited to get to know you for who YOU are!

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