Get to Know Jordan of Miss Jordan Simpson Makeup Artistry | A Q&A

April 22, 2020

Y’all… I am PUMPED to share this sweet friend of mine with you today! I’ve been doing a little mini-series here on the blog, highlighting some of my incredible wedding industry friends! I talk a little about the heart behind this series in my first post featuring Brittany of By Brittany Branson (Click here for the post!) and am SO excited to share another rockstar with you today!

You know those sweet people that you meet and connect with almost instantly?! That’s Jordan of Miss Jordan Simpson Makeup Artistry! We originally connected on Instagram and were fast friends! When she reached out to me to photograph a styled SURPRISE proposal that she was planning and coordinating, you better bet I couldn’t say YES fast enough! (Click here for the sweet photos from that day!)

I FINALLY got to meet her in person that day, and we tried our best to play it cool while we secretly knew the real reason we were all there! You better bet we were squealing our entire way around the venue! It was SO much fun to watch this gal’s vision and heart for loving on her clients well come together in one session, and it was SO much fun to chat with her just a few weeks ago!

Today, I’m so excited to share this amazing gal and her wealth of knowledge with you! She has the kindest heart and is an absolutely amazing makeup artist. I was lucky enough to sit down with her via Zoom a few weeks ago to chat through ALLLL the fun makeup questions… from when to book, to what she does for each makeover, why she loooooves false lashes and the ONE tool that can make all the difference in your wedding day makeup. But first… you absolutely have to minimize this tab to give this gal a follow on IG. I love her gorgeous before and afters, makeup tips and tricks, and overall positivity. Click the below links to find and follow Jordan on all of her online platforms:

Web | Facebook | Instagram

Now… you ready for all the good stuff?! We had already been chatting for a while, so we jump RIGHT into everything you want to know! A HUGE thank you to Jordan for hanging out with me! I can’t wait for you to meet her too.

Where you located and which regions do you serve? Any dream destinations?

Right now, Jordan is located in Richmond but will be moving to Frederick, MD soon! From Richmond to Charlottesville, to NOVA, DC & so many of the other amazing places in this region, if you have a need for makeup, Jordan is your gal! If she could do makeup anywhere, she would LOVE to do a big, romantic wedding in France. Anyone down?! We are dreaming big! She also loves pretty, bright spaces for makeovers.

As brides are looking for makeup artists, are there specific things you wish brides would know to look for?

For Jordan, it’s all about personality. She feels it is so important that couples love their vendors as people and that are EXCITED about hiring her and their wedding day! She is one of the first people that a bride will interact with on her wedding morning, and Jordan feels that experience should be fun and personal. For brides that are nervous, this is a great way to create a little diffusion between what may feel like a hectic morning and her nerves about the day. She recommends looking for makeup artists that infuse a little bit of personality into their brand. Hire someone you mesh well with.

Do you have any preferred makeup brands or tools you love to use as a makeup artist?

Jordan LOOOOVES airbrush makeup! The application and finish is so smooth, beautiful and flawless. It’s been a huge trend in the industry, and she says that it is absolutely worth it. When it comes to brides that are wondering if they should go with airbrush, she recommends to ALWAYS go with airbrush makeup. Though airbrush tends to be a little more expensive, it is definitely worth every penny. If she has to choose, the bride should definitely go with airbrush!

What does the booking process look like?

A bride plus three minimum makeovers is required to book. Other than that, nothing is required in advance. This means that you are more than welcome to make small adjustments on your wedding day (like having Jordan apply lashes for one of your bridesmaids!). Whatever you need, she can do it! She always hopes this helps to limit day-of stress and craziness.

On that note, let’s talk lashes! Why do you recommend them? Which kind of lashes do you recommend?

She uses individual false lashes to create a full look! With the individual lashes, she creates a false lash line that is custom to each person wearing the lashes. There are so many fun ways to do lashes to achieve the desired look. Natural? Bold? Flaired? Up to you! She recommends lashes because it makes your eyes look bigger! When you are having your photos taken, you always want your attention drawn towards your face, most specifically, your eyes. False lashes are great for that little extra bit of pop!

When should a bride book her makeup team? When do you recommend starting trials?

Everything in makeup is totally up to the individual artist! This applies to booking, trials, and when everything should officially be on the books. Jordan’s philosophy is: “Whatever you want to do, she’s good with!” Brides can book when they want, set their trial when they want, and can work with a schedule that is easy and comfortable for them.

How much time should a bride reserve for makeovers on a wedding day?

The bride always gets a little more time! From there, it depends on the type of foundation you’re using and lashes. Jordan says you should expect to reserve anywhere from 25 and 45 minutes for makeup per person.

How do you change makeup styling for different events?

The basics will be the same for each look (Think: eye shadow, concealer, foundation, blush, eyebrows as the core). What could change is the amount of each! The core of a makeover usually stays the same, with fun additions here and there, like bold lashes or a little highlight for a fun pop. For engagement sessions, Jordan recommends more natural makeup and for weddings, she loves full glam!

Time for fun questions!

I’m not going to transcribe these, so you’ll just have to tune in for our fun convo on Jordan’s favorite makeup, her feelings on the last season of the Bachelor & her favorite place for grab and go queso!

I’m so thankful for Jordan and for her taking the time to chat with me. She is AMAZING! To find her online, use the below links!

Web | Facebook | Instagram

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