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February 14, 2020

Happy Friday, Happy Valentine’s Day and HAPPY BRANDING EXPERIENCE LAUNCH DAY!!!! Clearly, we’ve got A LOT to celebrate around here! 🎉

Y’all, I’ve got to be honest… pressing publish on the Branding Experience webpage AND this blog post feels pretty unreal. I’ve been dreaming about these branding sessions for at least a year and a half now and have been working so hard over the last couple of months to make them a reality. The fact that they are LIVE?! I have no words. This launch is being met with equal parts excitement and self-doubt and all the feels. Your excitement and support has meant the absolute WORLD to me throughout this process, and I am just SO excited to see the impact these sessions will have in the businesses and lives of others.

One quick thing before we really get this post started: I know this blog post is long, but there is a SUPER exciting announcement at the very bottom! I’ve had so many sweet people share their excitement with me over the last couple of weeks, and that means the absolute world. I’m so excited to be able to do something to THANK you for loving on my brand so well!

So, without further ado…

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Click here to learn more about CKP Branding Photography Experiences! 

I’ll be offering two branding photography experiences… one designed for quick content creation and another designed to dig deep over a length of time! In short, these brand experiences are intended to meet you right where you are as we work together to take your personal branding and marketing game to the next level.

As a small business owner, wedding photographer, and fitness instructor… I get it. Creating good, unique, quality content of yourself to keep your social media and online platforms updated on the regular? It’s hard work…it’s time-consuming… and let’s be honest: it can also be super intimidating! Here’s the thing though… Sharing your story in a beautiful and intentional way is so incredibly important when it comes to creating lasting connections with your online community. In short… your online community wants to get to know YOU. To do that? You need to be showing your face!

That’s where I come in… CKP branding photography experiences are designed to help you level up your personal marketing strategy with intention. These sessions are more than pretty headshots. We’ll dig deep as we look at your upcoming content calendar, big business dreams, website items that need updating & more. If you are totally new to this whole personal marketing thing or need a little guidance on where you want to take your brand next… don’t worry, friend. I got you! One of my branding experiences includes a 60-minute in-person mentoring meeting where we’ll sit down and go through all of your questions, hash out ideas, and will chat through anything else you may need to intentionally use the content we produce together!

Which brings me to my next point! This is the part that I am SO excited about! Keep reading to learn more about what my current branding experiences entail:

Branding and Mentoring Experience

This in-depth experience is designed to help you create and produce super intentional personal content over the course of 9-12 months. From blog posts to website updates, I want to make sure that you have all of the content you need to make this happen and to grow in the process. As small business owners, we’re always evolving, changing, growing and learning. It is so important that you have up-to-date content of yourself that does the same. There is so much value in having unique, personal content to share, and I am so excited to learn more about you as we work together to share you and your passions with your community.

With this in-depth experience, we’ll meet for TWO half-day photo sessions, but before we do that, we’ll meet for a full HOUR to dive deep into your questions and to hash out any ideas you may have. My hope is that we’ll go into your first branding session with a really clear idea of where you want to take your business in the coming months and what you’ll need to get there so that the content we’re producing? It’ll be one of a kind and just what you need to meet your goals.

Why mentoring? I want to make sure that we are getting to know each other SO well at the start of this experience. With a longer and more in-depth experience, my hope is that we’ll be able to create content that will truly serve you, your business, and your goals. Having personal content is so valuable, but what’s even more valuable is knowing how to use it and having the foresight to know what you need to create while working with a photographer. There’s truly no better way to do this than sitting down together to chat through your hopes, dreams, uncertainties, questions & plans.

Who is this experience for? This experience is PERFECT for small business owners and entrepreneurs that are newer to the personal marketing game, that are in a season of transition, or that are looking to level-up the way they share their personal story with their online audiences.

What exactly is included in the branding and mentoring experience?!

  • 60 Minute In-Person or Online Brand Discovery and coaching
  • Two 3 hour Custom Branding Sessions with:
    • Session Planning and Pre-Session Discovery
    • Up to 3 outfits/session
    • Up to 2 locations/session
    • Online gallery with included digital download
    • Digital sharing permissions

Social Media Mini

Sometimes, you need just a few images to refresh your online presence or to put the finishing touches on a project! I get it… you’ve got A LOT going on which is why social media minis are designed to be quick, intentional sessions to get you the images that you need. We’ll plan your session out beforehand, chatting through your vision and needs. Come session day? We’ll be prepped and ready to go as you rock it out in front of the camera.

Who is this experience for? This style session is perfect for those that have a strong grasp on their personal marketing strategy and the content they need to create during the session. It is also perfect for those that simply need a little online refresh. Social media mini’s are also great for my friends in the fitness industry or for social media and online influencers.

What exactly is included in the social media mini-sessions?!

  • 45 minutes of on-location photography
  • One location
  • Up to 2 outfits
  • Online gallery of edited images with included digital download and digital sharing permissions
  • Pre-session discovery and planning via email
  • Session upgrades will also be available upon request. Need to add another outfit + more session time?! No problem! Send me a note, and we can chat.

Now… little about today’s celebration:

  • I’ll be going LIVE at 11AM EST over on Instagram to chat a little more about the heart behind these experiences, what you can expect from them, why I’m so excited, and MORE!
  • GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Now… the moment you didn’t even know you were waiting for…………. I’M ALSO GIVING AWAY A FULL BRANDING AND MENTORING EXPERIENCE! OMG I CANNOT EVEN CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! You read that right, friend! I am SO excited about this launch, and I want to get YOU involved right away. To enter, click here and fill out the form! You have until 2/24/2020 at NOON to enter. I’ll be notifying the winner via email on 2/24/2020 after the giveaway closes. Something to note: travel is not included in the giveaway. This giveaway is best suited for my DMV area friends, for those willing to travel, or for those that are able to cover my travel costs to you! 

Y’all!!!! We did it! Branding session experiences are LIVE, and I cannot wait to get to know both you and your business. I hope you enjoy perusing the brand new branding page! CLICK HERE to see all the pretty!

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