Top of the Town | An Elegant Ballroom Venue with a View in Arlington, VA

August 2, 2019

When I started my search for venues that I was hoping to tour during my mid-season, it was SO important to me that I was selecting different styles of wedding venues in different areas of the DMV. There are hotels & wineries… ballrooms… barns & outdoor tented spaces… there are museums & monuments & rolling hills too. I really wanted to show just how much this area offers and just how BEAUTIFUL so many of these spaces are! There are SO many unique venues in this area, each offering something just a little (or a lot!!) different than the one before.

I’ve seen images of Top of the Town, and I thought it would be a really great place to represent Arlington! Not only is it in an amazing spot, but just WAIT until you see the view… it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Top of the Town is located in Rosslyn and is a super close commute to DC! In addition, it is also really close to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and many hotels, making your wedding day super easy for out-of-town guests to navigate! Top of the Town offers a gorgeous ballroom reception space with panoramic views of our nation’s capital and an outdoor terrace, perfect for intimate ceremonies or cocktail hour!

I got to meet with Kate (one of the sweet souls on Top of the Town’s wedding team!) earlier this week and was in for such a treat! She kindly showed me around the space, answered all of my questions and let me in on alllll the amazing portrait locations in the area! She was SO helpful & would be an absolute dream for any couple to work with on a wedding day!

I can’t wait for you to get to see this space! Shall we begin with a few key details?!



    • Arlington, VA (1400 N. 14th Street, Arlington, VA 22209)

Website & Contact:


    • 180 guests, seated or standing

Included with Rental:

  • The typical rental period for Saturday and Sunday is 8 ½ hours
  • Indoor and outdoor ceremony options
  • Private use of the ballroom
  • Private use of the outdoor terrace
  • Private use of the lobbies
  • Facilities manager
  • Chairs, tables, sound system & dance floor
  • Coat check room


    • Parking is included with your rental. There is a lot, just around the corner from the entrance of the venue! Securing a valet parking. Securing a valet vendor is required for events with over 90 guests.

Funny enough, Top of the Town is actually right around the corner from where I used to work! (I could see my old office building from the roof!) I’m familiar with the area, so before heading up to see the space, I took to exploring on foot. The US Marine Corps War Memorial and the incredible park where it stands is right down the street! Onward to Top of the Town! Top of the Town offers panoramic views of the city… it was breathtaking during the day! I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be at night! When I visited, there were a few couples there for meetings with their caterer and other vendor teams! I was so impressed with Top of the Town’s hospitality! It would be SO helpful to plan pieces of your day in the space where it’ll be happening! These gorgeous chairs are included with your rental! This outdoor space can be used for cocktail hour or intimate ceremonies! Imagine getting married with these stunning views! They’re not lying when they call this venue Top of the Town! Views on views on views, y’all! Insert a happy married couple here! While I was touring the venue, Kate told me about a few more amazing places that I should visit before heading home! How gorgeous are these spots for portraits?! One more of the US Marine Corps War Memorial, just because! As a note, I personally do not photograph couples in front of or near memorials such as this one, to preserve the peace and quiet for visitors! However, the surrounding park is absolutely beautiful & would be perfect for family, wedding party and couple’s portraits!

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